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I hate it when I have a phrase on the tip of my tongue, but the only one that comes out is not quite the right one. You know what I mean? I keep wanting to say I have an amazing ability to put my foot in my mouth, but that isn't what I mean.

Well I will write about something else and hope the phrase comes back to me. This is a different topic but it's something that I thought about last night, and it kept going around and around in my head and stopped me getting to sleep. I believe that intuitions are often meaningful and we should always pay attention to them, because if we have a sudden intuition about something, likely we have unconsciously picked up on information that we may not realize consciously, but it's like an alert in our heads saying "hey! Notice this!"

What gets me tied up in knots (lol...) is how do you know when it's a valid intuition and when it's paranoia? I had this thought, and I couldn't get it out of my head, and I CANNOT DECIDE if it means there is something to it or if it means I am being paranoid, or projecting. This is going to end up sounding cryptic because you never know who from your life might turn up and read things like this, but one of you knows what I am talking about I think. Anyhow, this thought. This suspicion flitted through my head and I have no reason to take it seriously except the fact that I thought it at all.

It could be projection. It could be that I thought it because I have a strongly suspicious side that has learned not always to trust people, or because I remembered something I did when I was 15 and thought for a moment that maybe something similiar was happening, or because something seemed too good to be true. But it could also be that a coincidence jump started something in my brain that gave me an insight.

I think I am wrong, in fact I am 99% certain I am wrong, but it bugs me because I don't like to think I am paranoid, and I suppose also because in the past I have usually been RIGHT when I've followed my instincts. If the instinct is true it would be very fucked up. It's not even important I suppose, all it would mean is that someone would be laughing at me and why should I care? Have a laugh on me! It's free!

GG. You know what I'm talking about. What do you think? Am I being paranoid here??

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